Excentrik will never thank you enough for this amazing year. We wish you the happiest holidays and hope that 2013 will be your most Excentrik year!


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Excentrik is recruiting. Tell your talented friends about it.


Toutage Excentrik s'habille en Rouge!

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Connaissez-vous beaucoup d'entreprises Québécoises qui ont osé appuyer le mouvement étudiant depuis le début ???

Excentrik studio a habillé son site en rouge depuis un bon bout de temps, et lancé un défi au entreprises québécoises. À ce jour, que nous sachions, personne n'a emboîté le pas. Nous aimerions que vous partagiez cette nouvelle afin que, peut-être, d'autres entreprsies fasse de même.

Excentrik, ne supporte en rien l'intimidation, la violence, l'illégalité. Mais nous partageons une vision du Québec de demain qui concorde avec celle de beaucoup - BEAUCOUP - d'étudiants, de professeurs, d'intervenants de tous les horizons qui mettent en garde nos dirigeants contre une destruction de nos valeurs collectives.

Cette vision, nous l'avons carrément DANS LA PEAU!!!

Merci de partager : Et avisez-nous si d'autres relancent notre défi.À vous de jouer!


Tattoo trends in Quebec

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Clin d'Oeil features our artist Maika in an article in which she shares her perspective on what being a tattoo artist represents to her and her observations about the current trends. Click on the image below!



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Tattoo Montreal

When you think Tattoo in Montreal...

Yes, when you think Tattoo in Montreal, you think Excentrik Studio.

Although for several years we've been recognized for our different services such as tattoo, piercing and scarification, the increasing demand for tattoo in Montreal led us to restructure our team, focus and expand our Tattoo studio. Yanick Bleau(founder of Excentrik) whose expertise in professional piercing is well established is now focused on the promotion and the expansion of Excentrik Studio as well as on his career as an aviation pilot!

Wherever you are in Montreal, the surrounding areas, or any location in Quebec (And we even have people from other provinces and from the U.S. visiting us!), thinking about Excentrik as your Tattoo Studio is a well advised habbit, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Our creative and talentuous tattoo artists are attentive to your expectations. That is perhaps the most important thing you should expect from a Tattoo Artist. They will take the time to listen, give you advice, work WITH YOU on your idea and create the design that will make you satisfied. Customized tattoo designing is indeed central to the activity of our tattoo artists
  • Our standards of quality and of hygiene have no match, except perhaps when a tattoo artist or a professional piercer has been formed with us
  • We offer Free consultations
  • Your emails or your calls will be returned and replied in a timely manner, if not immidiately
  • Your membership to Excentrik Tattoo Studio gives you the opportunity to benefit from privileges such as discounts and gifts
  • Excentrik is an active member of the tattoo artists community in Montreal and you will often hear about us from other tattoo enthusiasts who were tattooed at Excentrik Studio or who have learned with us
  • Excentrik studio often acts as a consultant for other Tattoo Studios in Montreal and across Canada
  • When you sit at Excentrik Studio, you will not be bored! There is a lively atmosphere, upbeat music, amazing coffee and a multitude of Tattoo Magazines to read
  • There is no place for amateur tattooers at Excentrik. Keep in mind that although artistic skills are central to the Art of Tattoo, it is far from being the only requirement. One must be aware of a multitude of rules to ensure a high quality result as well as your own safety. Excentrik Studio's Tattoo Artists are among the finests in Canada when it comes to professionalism
  • By liking our FaceBook Page, you are eligible to win gift certificates and various gifts on a regular basis
  • Once you get your tattoo done at Excentrik Studio, you will probably suggest other reasons that we should add to this sumarized list
Do not hesitate and call us 514.273.4666 to schedule your appointment for a FREE consultation with one of our experienced tattoo artist.

Note that since we will entirely focus on the Tattoo Scene of Montreal, from now on, all piercing, branding and scarification requests will be transferred to our affiliated studio MAUVE.

Many surprises are coming soon but we can not spill the beans right away ! Stay tuned and spread the news!


Voir Magazine

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Monday, 04 October 2010 19:00

Last week, Iris Gagnon-Paradis, a journalist for the magazine VOIR, came to visit two of our artists. You can read the articles related to the industry of tattooing and body piercing in the edition of September 30, 2010 by clicking the following links: Nouveaux visages du tatouage and Les "primitifs modernes"



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Thursday, 01 December 2011 00:00

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Carte Cadeau Excentrik


Valeur de la Carte Cadeau Excentrik

*** AUCUN compte PayPal n'est requis pour faire les achats.

*** Livraison GRATUITE pour tout achat total de $100.00 et plus.

*** Expédition RAPIDE le jour suivant la réception du paiement.


Art & Tattoo Show Montreal 2011

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Thursday, 01 September 2011 00:00

Excentrik - Professional Tattoo Montreal will attend the nineth annual edition of the ART & TATTOO SHOW MONTREAL 2011 to be held at Windsor Station. Over 200 international and local tattoo artists will be on site. For more information about admission and tattoo prices, opening times and other tattoo related questions, feel free to visit the official website of the Convention.



Lukas Zpira in Montreal

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Lukas_ZpiraExcentrik is proud to announce that we have the honour of hosting the legendary Lukas Zpira in mid-May! Lukas will be available for all extreme modification procedures, scarifications and others.



For booking information please call 514.273.4666 and ask for Pat Pierce.


Space is limited!


Association of Professional Piercers

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Friday, 28 January 2011 00:00


Excentrik is proud to announce that both of our piercers, Pat Pierce and Yanick Bleau, are now Professional Business Members of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) which is a California-based, international non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of vital health and safety information about body piercing to piercers, health care professionals, legislators, and the general public.

Pat and Yan are 2 out of 5 members for the entire country of Canada!




Association des Perceurs Professionnels (APP)


Excentrik - Professional Tattoo Montreal



Excentrik is a tattoo studio in Montreal located in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal. Our tattoo artists offer a professional service for any of your custom tattoo projects by creating unique designs using your ideas. In operation since 1999, we constantly update our knowledge by attending numerous tattoo conventions such as the "Art & Tattoo Show Montreal", seminars and training on hygienic and safe practices provided by David Vidra, president of Health Educators Inc. Finally, our qualified tattoo artists are constantly involved in other trainings to provide the best experience to our valued customers.


Tattoo By Maïka at D-Markation

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D-markation_MaikaMaïka will be inking at the Professional Tattoo studio D-Markation located in the beautiful city of Quebec.


For the week of February 6th to 12th, 2012.


Send your ideas for your tattoo project now !


Take your tattoo appointment as soon as possible as space available reserve quickly !


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